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    Welcome, fellow creative being! So glad you stopped by!
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    I think I know why you’re here. Like other kindred souls, you’re searching for your rightful place in the art world.
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    Getting there is half the fun! The journey can be as rewarding as the destination.
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    Creative success and satisfaction await you!

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Professional and Artistic Strategies for Creatives in all Disciplines

Artist-to-Artist® is a new program from ARTISIN®, designed to help artists, craft artists and anyone engaged in creative endeavors develop the business side of their practices. Structured as a series of professionally-led peer groups, a2a guides participants in goal-setting, accountability, creative problem-solving and entrepreneurial skill-building.

What’s the Story Here?
At ARTISIN, we believe that art isn’t just something to talk about, it’s what we use to tell our collective stories. So here on our website we are using art to tell the story. The images above are original collages created from public domain and Creative Commons artworks and images past and present to evoke the sense of journey that we all take as artists and creatives trying to connect with the world. We hope you’re intrigued, entertained and maybe a little amused. And perhaps you see a little of yourself in there. More ...
Start Your Journey
If you are interested in developing the business side of your artistic practice, start your a2a journey now. With Spring upon us and Summer just around the corner, you may want to think about a2a peer groups as a special gift for an artist friend or loved one, or to launch yourself into the summer season!

Check out The Journey to see what it’s all about, or continue on to the Getting Started page.

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